James Caan died a patriot and a proud Trump supporter. Now his wife, Kate Amala Caan, says she’s following Jimmy’s dying wish and donating half of his estate to Trump’s 2024 campaign fund, whether he runs or not. “Jimmy said he’d use the money to support the right candidate if he chooses not to run.

Caan, one of the few Hollywood personalities willing to admit he was a patriotic conservative, was the only Jewish man ever awarded “Most Influential Italian” in New York City. His acting career spanned 40 years, with a short stint during the best days of Molly Sims and Vanessa Marcil. He played a badass fairly well.

Now, his fortune will go to make sure his values continue. After his wife takes her share and the inheritance and trust funds are set up for the kids and grandkids, Trump stands to gain nearly $8,000 from the generous donation.

Trump responded by saying “Jimmy was always a little cheap, which isn’t surprising since he’s one of those people.” We weren’t quite sure what he meant. His publicist later cleared it up for us. “Jewish. He’s a Jew. Trump called him that.” The loyal base shrugged and bought more flags.

James Caan will go down in history as a great American.

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