James Woods has worked with Robert DeNiro in the past but says there’s no way he’d do it again. “He’s really insecure,” Woods said, “And pretty much just a petty little man.”

Woods, who isn’t exactly a towering hulk, still stands five inches taller than DeNiro, a fact the famous actor couldn’t seem to get past. “When we were filming Once Upon a Time in America,” said Woods, “He wore these ridiculous platform shoes so we’d see eye-to-eye. It was over the top and silly.”

DeNiro, who can’t seem to keep his politics and his career separate, has been attracting a lot of attention lately by trashing former President Donald Trump publicly. Woods, who tends to keep more to himself, says he couldn’t help but chime in.

“I used to like Bob,” said the frequent Family Guy guest, “But then he went all hard left and ruined his own image. It’s a real shame.”

It’s highly unlikely that a hack like DeNiro will keep getting roles in today’s political climate. If you’re not on board with the actors of the right, you’re basically nobody. The list of greats continues to grow, with Rob Schneider recently joining the likes of Woods, the Hercules guy, and Chachi.

“It’s an elite club,” said Woods, “We don’t have things like…representation anymore because it’s still hard to find a good unwoke agent in this business.”

What a pleasure it is to have people like him and Jon Voight to remind us that Carlos Santana stopped producing decent material in 1993. God Bless America.


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