AMC Cinemas is in big trouble with “Sound of Freedom” star Jim Caveizel. Citing claims that the film is “targeted at conspiracy theorists,” the company pulled the movie after collecting millions in revenue from it over the holiday weekend.

“It directly affects my income,” said Caveizel, who plays the role of a former federal agent dedicated to saving children from traffickers. “And it squashes some behind-the-scenes storytelling that informed people need to hear.”

Caveizel says the marketing of God’s children for organ and secretion harvesting is all too real, and that it must be stopped.

“If my paycheck is the legal way to get the message out,” said the Passion star, “then that’s what we’ll do. Don’t forget that where we go one…”

We reached out to Caveizel but decided instead to talk to AMC after realizing he was talking about adrenochrome, which isn’t really difficult to find or “harvest.” Director of Film Relations Joe Barron told ALLOD correspondent Skip Tetheludah that AMC ended the film’s run because, after the one little burst, ticket sales dropped to “almost nonexistent.”

“The folks who come to see these kinds of things came out on the 4th,” said Barron, “but then it was over. They spent the rest of their disposable income and half of next month’s rent on fireworks and loved America a whole lot. The $75 QR code to buy a ton of extra tickets they were never gonna use because proceeds go to blah blah was a nice bump.”

It was a great 4th for the movie. Let’s hope Caveizel wins and makes enough to produce part 2.

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