In the Presidency game, it is key to have a strong queen on the board right next to your hopeful king.

While Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump has more than identified himself as the rightful king to the party, he’s going to need a like-minded and loyal sidekick to help him drain the Washington swamp.  Keyword, “loyal”.

Just today, according to the Barron Institute for Trending Candidate Hierarchies, representative Jim Jordan has received the unanimous nod for VP pick.

As Vice President, the Voiciferous Prick will have unprecedented access into Very Paranoid files under Trump’s Vacuous Purvey.  The position calls for Veritable Putrid affectation as well as the very Value of being Piss-brained.

Jordan and his Venerated Penis will file paperwork today, intending to Vacate his current Position as early as last week.  While that seemingly doesn’t make any sense, it is in accordance with his usual Viscous Platitudes.

With Jordan in tow, it seems at first glance like a dream team, a Victorious Paradise waiting to lay itself over America’s foundation.  That may be rightly so.  But it could also lead them both into Vehemently Perilous waters.  They’ll both need your thoughts and prayers.

And, of course, your money.  Venmo or PayPal.


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