Former Vice President and current Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden was on the ground in Delaware, leading the protesters in his home state. He said he stood in solidarity with them, even going so far as throwing the first rock through a window of a police station.

This all happened in Dover, Delaware last week as nationwide civil unrest erupted after a police incident in Minneapolis took place. Biden said he was happy to “be with the people, the real people, the real Americans” as opposed to being on the side of our duly elected Dear Glorious Leader, President Donald J Trump.

Joe Barron, who was one of the organizers of the Dover protest was thrilled to have the former Vice President not only attend but take part in the civil unrest. Biden said at the rally:

“It feels good man, it feels good to be with my people, and protest against the man!” 

Biden spent a lot of time trashing President Donald Trump, calling him names and questioning his street cred, even going as far as saying:

“That cracker is a snowflake, man! He ain’t with us! He’s against us!” 

Biden was defiant in his speech, calling out republicans and trashing conservatives in general.

As they started marching, Biden picked up a rock and said “This is for George!” before flinging it through a police station window and screaming “F THE POLICE” in unison with the crowd.

When his advisors were in disbelief at what the former Vice President did, he said “Calm down, man, this gets me their vote! Guaranteed!!!” 

We’ve obviously never seen actions like this out of any political candidate, except for Trump, who actually threw the constitution out of the window. This is disturbing coming from a presidential candidate, especially in these trying times we are living in. 


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