It was early, and the press hadn’t arrived yet at the Martin Luther King Memorial in Washington DC. President Joe Biden was asked by the King family to make some remarks at the private ceremony they hold every year. Biden should have said no.

Instead, he fumbled through some words like Joe Biden often does, twice calling the great civil rights leader “Martin Luther Vandross.” After the second he sounded like he was about to tell a story about visiting the Apollo Theater in 1966. His aides had to stop him and apologize to the dignitaries at the gathering.

“Luckily, we have all of the recordings and this will never get out,” said Event Coordinator and Propaganda Director Art Tubolls, “this is exactly the kind of thing those idiots will turn into the next ‘Let’s Go Brandon.’ Not on my watch.”

The family forgave him with the exception of the one niece who works for Fox. She said the gaffe was an intentional play at securing the black vote by a corrupt Democrat regime. Not many people were paying attention, unfortunately, and she went yet another year without being much more than a nuisance.

As for Joe, he doesn’t remember saying MLK’s name wrong or what he had for a snack on the way to Camp David, where he plans to spend the next three weeks on vacation.


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