Joe Rogan had it out with Whoopi Goldberg, and his fans are going wild about it. Rogan, who makes his fame with brutal honesty, let Whoopi know exactly how he feels about her.

Her response was exactly what you might expect, with crass insults and poorly-worded arguments about climate change. What she didn’t expect, was for him to come back with a real zinger.

“I actually went to college,” he told Whoopi, who dropped out of high school, “So I think I might know better than you.”

Whoopi ended the conversation right there and went back to taping her own show, telling her audience that Rogan was a “conspiratorial fool who forgot everything he ever learned in his four years as a frat boy.”

The episode will be on Rogan’s podcast sometime next season, with the full encounter lasting more than eight minutes.

“We can’t sell people on something that never happened if there’s a definite date and time attached to it,” said ALLOD Managing Editor Joe Barron, “if we keep it vague it’s evergreen. We can just keep using it.”

Barron makes a good point, patriots. If more publications would put their stuff out without dates on it, there wouldn’t be as much garbage reporting out there. God Bless America.

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