John Goodman has broken up with the rest of the cast of “The Conners” and decided to back Roseanne Barr. Goodman, who initially said he couldn’t support her when the Left canceled her, now says she’s one of his favorite people and that he’s terribly sorry.

“I wanted to stick with Roseanne, but the stuff she said got the original show taken out of syndication, so The Conners was all I had. Now, they’ve given it back and I have to say, I’m excited for her.”

At first, Roseanne said she would fire the entire cast and crew, but then she decided to keep Goodman. “Dan and Roseanne can start a new adventure,” she said. More recently, however, a deal to do a show opposite “The View” looks like it killed any future the show had.

“I just want to formally apologize,” said Goodman, “and I hope Rosie knows that I’m here for her and that I really need a job.”

The rest of the cast and crew haven’t made themselves available for comment, but it’s likely that with the toxicity of the show in the current news cycle none of them will be working anytime soon. It’s almost like karma coming by and rewarding the previously canceled is the best way to a satirist’s mortgage payment. God Bless America.


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