Movies are great getaways for us, and for our whole families.  A darkened theater, a tub of popcorn, and a plump hot dog with a freezing blue Icee.

Certain movies, however, can be said to cause “undue motivation” upon the human psyche, or at least that’s what liberal psychology says.  And that liberal thought process has zoomed straight in on Keanu Reeves and John Wick.

The city of Miami, Florida has recently officially banned the film from showing anywhere in it’s 53 city theaters, with many in agreement with the city council vote this Friday.  The council met for a simple 30-minute session to nix the entertainment.

Miami resident Joe Barron doesn’t agree with the decision, and told us why during a drug deal in Queefwhisper, Florida.

“Does the United States have a severely toxic gun culture?  Yes.  It borders on obsessive.  The second amendment isn’t a ‘murder pass’.  A lot of people seem to forget the ‘well regulated’ part of it.”

Barron continued, after testing the materials on his delicate palate.

“Yes, that’s good shit.  Give him the fifty, Larry.  Anyway, the movie’s pretty good, and everyone should see it.  It doesn’t need to be banned.  Americans are too far gone, and the ones that want to kill, will.  Thanks, Reagan.”

To Wick, or not to Wick?  That is a question.  It’s a question that may transform the entire country as we know it.

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