Jon Voight is one of America’s greatest actors. He nailed Roosevelt. He made Mickey Donovan a superstar. He also did lots of other things. Now, in what may be the most important role of his career, he’ll play the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia in a docudrama.

Voight is one of the few conservative talents in Hollywood. Producer Mel Gibson said when the opportunity to cast Voight came up that he was “immediately sold” on the idea.

“Jon is an amazing talent and a close friend,” said Gibson, “his heritage aside, he’s a hell of a guy. I look forward to working with him.”

Voight’s publicist, Joe Barron, said the actor will comment on the role when he returns from his monthly trip to play chess with Benjamin Netanyahu. “He has a very special relationship with Israel,” said Barron, “but as soon as he returns he’ll address how he could possibly work with Mel Gibson.”

The film will feature the story of Scalia’s youth and his rise from the pit to be by his father’s side. “I gave all that up when Reagan appointed me,” the former 1st-born of Hades said in an interview with Dante’s Magazine, “It was either go all fire and brimstone on the earth or sit on the bench and do it from there.”

The movie will debut sometime around Easter 2024.



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