Joy Behar has decided that heterosexual men who allow their children to play tackle football are evil and responsible for every injury that happens on the field. Unfortunately for her, her son remembers when she — not his father — allowed him to play the game.

“He said it was too dangerous but you said I could,” said Steven Amell, Behar’s son of more than 34 years, “and I turned out just fine.” Amell went on to play in both high school and college and probably would have gone pro if not for his perfect jawline and acting bravado. By the time he was 23, he had landed a role as the Green Arrow.

Behar denies allowing Amell to play, noting that the two weren’t very close when he was a child. “I can say that when he was growing up, I barely knew who he was,” said Behar, “I suppose I should be proud of him.”

Amell says he’s used to her not being there for him. “She never was when I was little.” We reached out to Amell’s dad, William Shatner, to ask why Behar seems to be so indifferent to him. “It’s probably because they’ve never met in real life,” said Shatner, “people like to just make stuff up. I don’t think they’re related at all. I know I’m not.”

Genealogical records show that Amell is actually the offspring of Nicholas Cage and Roseanna Arquette. Behar refused to comment.

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