Judge Joe Barron of the 7th Federal District Court of Wisconsin gave the go-ahead for Kyle Rittenhouse’s legal team to file a $105 million countersuit against the family of one of the men he killed. “What’s good for the goose,” said Judge Barron.

The original case, filed by the family of the man who tried to hit Rittenhouse with a skateboard, claims that the young man created the unsafe environment by carrying an assault rifle to a possibly volatile situation and that police encouraged him to be there and thanked him for participating.

Rittenhouse says he was just there to watch a piece of property until they didn’t need him anymore, so he took his AR15 and went off into the crowd to see if anyone needed medical attention. For some reason. His youth, inexperience, and weirdly-homicidal instincts kicked in and saved his life at the expense of two others, but he had the gun, so it’s his 2nd Amendment rights under fire.

The trial will now probably be twice as long and could possibly end in a draw, though it’s far more likely that the jury will find for the family, since the evidentiary rules favor the truth in civil cases.

Rittenhouse is currently on Twitter asking for donations, even though he could win $105 million, which is also a little weird, but hey…the kid is ambitious. Did you see the awesome Thanksgiving turkey shoot video game? Epic.

God bless you, Kyle. And God Bless America.

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