Whoopi Goldberg was ordered to write a formal apology to Kyle Rittenhouse as part of a settlement agreement between the acquitted conservative hero and the leftist propaganda show “The View.” The show ponied up the cash right away, but the unpopular host still hasn’t done her part.

Today, Judge Joseph Barron of the 63rd Federal District Court of Motions and Affidavits affirmed Rittenhouse’s lawyers’ demands and signed an instrument of declaration ordering Goldberg to either submit the promised apology within one week or face charges for contempt of court.

Rittenhouse’s attorney, Art Tubolls ESQ, says the daytime star is stalling because she knows the apology will be an extremely embarrassing moment in her career:

“She knows once she satisfies the agreement that she’ll never live it down. Like most people in Hollywood, she’s not interested in anything but her ego.”

Goldberg’s spokeswoman, Sandy Batt, told us to stop calling there, reminding this reporter of a “restraining order” she had issued, even though the entire thing is fiction.

Who looks silly now, Whoopi? Check. Mate, Leftist.

God bless America.

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