Jacob Chansleyey pleaded guilty to violently entering the US Capitol, among other crimes, and got 41 months in prison for his role. According to a judge, however, that deal is about to fall apart and Chansley will be released.

Our source inside the 64th Federal Court of Writs and Warrants that deals with criminal appeals says Judge Joe Barron, who may or may not be able to rule in the case, says Chansley was obviously just a “tourist being shown around by police.”

“Barron says he might take the case from its current court and transfer it on trial order of subpoena,” said court clerk Sandy Batt, “then he can toss out the conviction and order a new trial to begin immediately. He can even ask for bail.”

Chansley’s attorneys say they’re thrilled to get the chance to represent him with all of the new evidence and with Tucker Carlson’s help, they might just see him go free.

The US Attorney’s office said that unfortunately for Chansley, the legal course of action he’s putting so much stock in doesn’t actually “exist.”

“Yeah that’s not a real thing a judge can do, a real court, or anything close to something that might possibly happen,” said DOJ representative Skip Tetheludah, “though they’re all kinds of welcome to try.”

Our sources re-confirmed that Teletheludah is wrong and that there is a credible path to freedom for Mr. Chansley. God Bless America.


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