Chris Wallace was advised against trying to sue Fox News for the way his relationship with them ended. He claims it was a hostile work environment, yet he had just signed a new 5-year deal a month before he resigned. He used his 30-day right of rescinsion to back out when he decided to go to flailing CNN’s streaming service, which lasted all of three weeks.

The jury in the case took less than an hour to deliberate, finding for Fox on all counts. The humiliation went further when Judge Joe Barron ordered Wallace to pay of the networ’s legal fees. Wallace claims he can’t afford the more than $1 million Fox racked up to refute the allegations.

The judge suggested he go into bankruptcy and start fresh, and next time…don’t join a sinking ship 5 minutes before it hits an iceberg.

Wallace left the courtroom in an obviously distraught, emotional state, refusing to talk to reporters. His personal assistant, Sandy Batt, says the aging newsman will probably just retire and live off of his social security income, since Fox now owns his 401K.

That’s the price you pay in this country for going woke, patriots. You go woke…you go broke.

God bless America.

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