It was bound to happen. It’s a well-known fact that the Clintons had no respect for the rules when it came to classified materials. does anyone remember the emails? The private server? Benghazi? How about President Bill and the impeachment? Are there documents from that hidden somewhere? Pictures? Maybe a home video?

The American people deserve to know, or so says the Department of Justice. Lead Investigator Joe Barron told us the search was inevitable.. “In all those years,” said Barron, “we searched for the digital footprints. It never occurred to us that she might have taken paper copies. And Slick Willy? He’s probably;y got half the Oval Office voice recordings in his private library.”

The issue came up after several other high-ranking officials were found to have classified documents in their possession after they left office. Only former President Trump is under criminal investigation. “That’s probably because he’s the only one who committed a crime,” said Barron, “but what do I know?”

Barron also said that if they do find something in Westchester that he will personally file charges because “The Clintons are perhaps the most corrupt family in America.”

We couldn’t agree more. Bill and Hillary “happily” handed the DOJ the keys and left for the day to “do some shopping.” Asked if she was concerned, Hillary told reporters, “about what? Congressional hearings about nothing? Nah. They set the precedent on that since my time. I just won’t show up.”

Sounds like she has a lot to hide, as usual.

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