Shortly after former President Donald Trump was declared the winner of the CNN Town Hall, the Left went on a rampage. It’s first victim: Kaitlin Collins

They were outraged that Trump was allowed to say whatever he wanted, no matter how hard moderator Collins tried to shut him down. CNN says the audience doesn’t believe she did enough, and therefore, she’s out of a job.

“Ms. Collins’ performance in New Hampshire was sub-par, and we don’t believe the average CNN fan is interested in hearing from her anymore after she failed to control Trump and the crowd.”

The crowd, full of patriotic supporters of freedom and liberty, never once booed Trump, but cheered him on every time he said something rude or controversial.

“He kept talking about the stolen election,” said undecided voter Joe Barron, “he seems really proud of that. Considering he has no chance, do we really want to go through that again?”

Barron was one of three undecided voters allowed to speak, but only to us, and only when the show was over. “It was really bad,” he said, “they told people not to boo or make a lot of noise. Be respectful. So of course to these cultists that means whoop and holler and applaud like it’s the Jerry Springer Show.”

It’s a good thing they didn’t let those guys speak, patriots. Who knows how many people could have gotten hurt? God Bless America.



  1. Steve Mathisen

    Here is an actual source.

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