Kamala Harris was caught on a hot mic during an interview trashing patriotic Trump voters — the backbone of this great country!

Her exact words:

“These people are idiots. They know nothing except for bumper sticker slogans and they’re pretty gross too.”

These are words from the Vice Presidential candidate of the United States of America. Our president or Vice President would never even think to say such things.

The statement was made during a speech during a Black Lives Matter protest, where she was to address the crowd. Conservatives who happened to be in the crowd for a counter-protest were horrified and disgusted by what she said.

They said she pretty much gave them the stink eye as well, completely denigrating them as they were nothing.

“It was unbelievable!” said patriot Sandy Batt, who was in the crowd. “She said it, I don’t think she realized it, but if she did, she just shooed us off!”

Batt exclaimed, just shocked and in disbelief at what she had just heard.

“It’s like she’s calling us stupid!” 

Mind you Ms. Batt’s sign was full of grammatical errors and she was waving a Gadsden Flag and a Thin Blue Line flag, apparently not realizing they cancel each other out.

Another attendee, Joe Barron, couldn’t stop laughing at the counter-protesters when he saw the shock grow across their stupid faces.

“Well, Trump did say he loves the poorly educated, these people should be embracing their proud stupidity!” 

Other Trump supporters just looked confused and dumbfounded, pretty much like they usually do.

Why anyone would be even the littlest bit offended by this is beyond me. Trump has been saying pretty vile things since he first ran for president in 2015.

The clutching pearls crowd will be just fine, as they are poorly educated and hate anything that makes them look bad, except for themselves. Oh the irony. God bless America and Donald Trump.


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