If there’s one thing Kamala Harris is known for, it’s an aggressive style of legal prosecution.  Her time in California’s highest federal court has given her more than a decade’s worth of experience with nailing corrupt and fraudulent wrongdoers to the wall, many times, getting handed down the maximum possible penalty for the accused during the sentencing hearing.

Remember the California Raisins? Two of them got caught jaywalking. They got baked into a muffin in San Quentin.

That’s why political experts are flummoxed by her recent statement during a fund raiser at Joe Barron Democratic Headquarters in Hayward, California yesterday.  The formidable legal eagless seems bound and determined to put the soon-to-be former President away for a long list of criminal actions when she and Joe Biden move into 1600 Pennsylvania avenue.

Harris explained to the Queeftown Gazette that she has already started on the vast pile of paperwork that will result in Trump’s incarceration in a Federal penitentiary, making him the first ever President to wear the shameful label.

“I’ve started on the rape and sexual harassment charges first because they’re the most heinous.  When I’ve got a sufficient amount of evidence and witness testimony from the poor women he’s abused for decades, that’ll start off by locking him up until the grim reaper takes over for sure.  But then, just to serve justice, I’ll nail him again for violating the Constitution, fraud against the American people, and collusion with a foreign power to obstruct and tamper with an election.   Hell, I can keep him in leg irons in the courtroom alone until he drops and then roll him into his sentencing on a cot.  The fucker.”

Maybe this douchebag can bring him a shitty pillow.

Harris emphasized that she was ready to begin levying charges and heading directly into a courtroom on the day after the election.  It certainly looks like Kamala Harris isn’t planning on wasting any time, and that the President’s lawyers, Rudy Guliani among them, better be ready for the storm.

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