Kamala Harris says she knows all too well what it’s like to be a single mother. So, she is planning on rewarding these women, bigly.

As part of her welfare reform plan, Harris wants to provide mothers of five or more children with a $200 cash bonus per child. So, if you have five children, you’re bonus would be $1000 per month, seven kids, $1400.

She says about the options:

“Look, these mothers are raising the future generation. And, with so many children, it’s difficult to keep those little bellies full and rent paid. This bonus will help those mamas stay home and take care of them babies!”

Who knows why these people have such a difficult time buying food and paying rent. It’s not like wages are that low or that prices of food or rent are that high. It seems like there are just a whole lot of people wanting something for nothing. These welfare queens just want to make babies, watch Maury, eat bon-bons and lobster tail, and never work!

And now, the Biden presidency is going to create a whole new generation of entitlement and laziness. But, we knew that, now didn’t we?

It’s not like we give millions of dollars to rich people because they are rich. Hell, it’s their money anyway, right? How much money has a single mother paid into the system? Now how much has Sean Hannity? See the point? Sean Hannity should get some tax breaks. He pays a fortune in taxes because he is rich!

But, the socialist democrats will never see it that way. They want to give all of the funds to welfare queens while not funding places like schools for crippled children. Crippled children’s schools need funds, too! Why is it always about the poor kids? It always is though.


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