Vice Presidential contender Kamala Harris has had a long and storied career in the legal profession.  Now a senator from the state of California, the prosecutor has worked many high-profile cases and actually started out defending a series of fairly infamous names.  As it turns out, Harris played a small, yet lucrative part in the defense of O.J. Simpson during the famous murder trial that captivated the nation.  To the tune of three million dollars.

Meanwhile, Kato Kaelin is still paying off the court for the fifty bucks he borrowed for weed.

Investigators employed by the Trump campaign to find nonsense to spoon feed to his gullible base of mentally handicapped pea brains have uncovered Kamala’s work with the defense team involved with getting the accused murderer off scott-free despite mountains of evidence in the famously popular televised event.  Harris was kept out of the limelight and paid handsomely.

Joe Barron, a representative of the California bar, told journalists that Harris was instrumental in steering the verdict of the case.

“Kamala Harris is a ‘fixer’ in the legal profession, someone to call when the case seems hopeless and more unconventional methods are required.  During the Simpson case, Kamala had dated Judge Lance Ito during her college years, and had been seen even before that, frequently playing air hockey with jurors 4 and 11 at the arcade in the local mall.  She had secret ‘ins’ all over this case, from providing the exact model of washing machine to shrink say, a glove, to the perfectly needed size, to her purported skill at steam-cleaning the interior of Ford Broncos, she was the perfect tool to free an assumed obvious murderer.  We haven’t yet found a connection to George Soros, but we will.  I’m confident we will.  We’re batshit.”

Even Tucker Carlson thinks we go too far. And he’s basically the Ku Klux Klan’s blow up doll.

It appears that Ms. Harris may have quite a lot of skeletons in her closet.  If she doesn’t, it’s a certainty that President Trump’s idiot fan base will invent some to believe in, just like this.  Why?  Because they’re that stupid.


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