The crisis at the southern border of the United States has been a thorn in the paw of the Biden administration since he inherited it from his impeached predecessor Donald Trump over six months ago.  The disgraced convicted criminal, in trying to look “tough” to his base of cult weebles, managed to create a logjam of refugees and caged children by ignoring decades of humanitarian immigration policy and then simply ignoring them altogether until they die.


As a smarter and more realistic leader, Joe Biden has instituted steps to attend to this crisis that don’t include cartoon walls, contracting old business friends to build holding cages for a profit, or suggestions made by a secret shadow conspiracy Batman figure named “Q”.

As a primary step, Biden put the immigration problem in the hands of Vice President Kamala Harris, who’s capable hands have done wonders to improve the conditions and safety of the human beings in peril.  Harris is often insulted by the conservative right because she is a woman, who they view as a baby-ejecting inferior dinner machine because they are old and hideously stupid.

Harris saw the fruits of her labor appreciated this week with a Nobel Prize nomination out of Oslo for her work.  Sandy Batt of USA Toqueef explained why.

“What you’re not hearing from Fox News and the like because they’re covering it up with some racial nonsense as usual, is that the number of migrant children in border patrol custody dropped 80 percent.  From 5767 to 790 in a month.  And for less time.”

“Predictably, the shitnews Newsmax flathead have begun scaring their near-dead audience by claiming that migrants are being moved everywhere ‘in the dead of night’, maybe right next door.  In reality, they are actually being taken in broad daylight to better shelters courtesy of Fema, being placed with relatives, and hopefully, protected by the Trump dipshit parade of absolute psychopaths.”

“They mostly come at night. Mostly.”

A hearty congratulations to Kamala for her honor.  Please enjoy the comments from crusty old biddies and retired fat oatmeal lappers who will make jokes about her perceived sexual dalliances that weren’t funny the first time in 1820.


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