Billionaire Elon Musk has taken a hard turn to the right on many social issues, one of which is gun rights. Musk believes that everyone should have a gun and that people shouldn’t be punished for using them properly. That’s why he sides with Kyle Rittenhouse, the 2nd Amendment hero who carried a rifle and shot people when he had no other choice.

“The kid was found innocent. He said so on Twitter,” said Musk, “so why is he still being punished?” Rittenhouse has a fundraiser posted on his account to help with the fees from a civil suit he’s facing. The so-called “victims” or their families don’t care that he’s innocent and want to sue him anyway.

Musk says he’ll cover those fees and as a bonus, he’ll send his own legal aide’s assistant for an entire week to help put the case in order. “He deserves a fresh start,” said Musk. We reached out to see if he would still pay if Rittenhouse is found liable by a jury after seeing evidence tossed from the criminal trial. “Absolutely not,” he replied without missing a beat, “I’m a man of the people. Right now the latest ruling is not guilty. If a new jury says he did it the little murderer is on his own.”

Rittenhouse says he feels confident that the civil jury will also find him innocent, “They can’t just double jeopardy me like that,” he said, “it’s unconstitutional.” His legal team, provided by former President Donald Trump at a discount, agrees whole-heartedly.

It looks like young Kyle is in good hands. God bless America.

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