Keanu Reeves has been in the news quite a bit lately as Hollywood’s replacement for liberals who go off the deep end. Rumors suggest that Reeves will replace Whoopi Goldberg as host of the Golden Globes. He’s also been approached as the perfect actor to take the lead in “Rust” when it resumes filming, giving the world a reason to forget about Alec Baldwin and his negligence.

Because of his gentle nature and generous lifestyle, however, liberals have laid claim to him. They figure that because he isn’t outspoken politically that he must be yet another Hollywood elite. According to Reeves himself, that’s just not true:

“I’m no liberal. I’m a proud American who believes in his country.”

Leftists are having a hard time accepting that he actually said it. They can’t fathom someone like Keanu Reeves as their political opposite. Unfortunately for them, Reeves has confirmed that he not only knows how to use a firearm but that he loves them and thinks everyone should have one. He believes in the sanctity of life. He thinks the free market should be deregulated and the pipeline opened.

Can we get all of that from a single sentence? You bet we can, because that’s what it means to be a “real American.” We reached out to Mr. Reeves and got a general response from his assistant, Joe Barron: “As always Keanu declines to comment on anything that may veer in any way towards a political leaning, but in this case, he’d like to emphasize that the soundbite is a cut clip from John Wick. Before they went with the whole ‘you shot his dog’ angle.”

It’s not important who recorded it, patriots. What’s important is that we believe that he believes it. and why wouldn’t we? God bless you, Keanu Reeves, and God Bless America.

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  1. Reeves goes out of his way…to say hello etc to fans, He is one of the few who understand and do their best to be nice.. It is so very good to have such people. Reeves is to be admired

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