The Country Music Awards has come and gone, and a large group of talented performers and commenters appeared to dazzle the audience and onlookers.  “Dazzle”, however, can mean two different things.

Kelsea Ballerini, the popular artist behind the smash hit song: “If You Go Down, I’m Going Down Too” performed her set loudly, and proudly, boasting a backup singing group of drag queens, all gathered from the Ru Paul television program Drag Race.

This simple performance led to a controversial firestorm, egging on the older, mothballed mature conservative waste products to rebel.  Many of them, including 122-year old Sandra Batt from Queeftucky, Georgia, were outraged.

“Why she gotta bring that perverted-ass drag nonsense into this hallowed hall?  It’s disgustipatin’, is what it is.  They’re all good regular white people in here.”

Indeed, looking around the chambers of the awards, the one single black person there was one of the drag queens.

Due to the severity of the controversy, Kelsea’s entire world tour has been cancelled as thousands, perhaps millions of ticket holders have already cancelled their tickets.  How this is at all possible if they’re already bought, I have no idea.

All I know is that the current crop of musical artists welcoming drag queens to their shows is indomitable.  And here we though it would end with Springsteen.  Nope.

Master Blaster rule Bartertown.


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