Ketanji Brown Jackson, Biden’s pick to replace retiring Justice Steven Breyer, laid the groundwork for Disney’s decision to go woke in a landmark 2019 ruling. Jackson removed child abuse protections from its parks, making it possible for the Left to come in with their anti-Christian, pro-heathenism lifestyle without repercussions from the law.

Jackson’s ruling started a landslide of wokeness from Disney that took the company from an iconic family favorite to the verge of being the next Cinemax soft porn studio,

Parents across the country have flocked away from Disney, denying their children access to their favorite toys, games, movies, and shows just in case something they see or hear doesn’t flip the switch and infect their little ones with the disease of liberalism.

It’s okay to make your children cry in the name of America, according to TruCkRanter69 on YouTube. If they grow up tough and understand why they have to suffer to own the libs now, they’ll be more likely to vote for whoever Trump chooses to succeed him later.

Jackson’s ruling not only hurt this country, but our children, patriots. It’s a shame she’ll sit on the highest court in the land, even if she is the most qualified person to ever sit there.


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