Kevin Costner is more than just a big star with a big name. He’s a pretty big guy/ At six-foot-three, Costner is comfortably masculine in any room that isn’t filled with professional basketball players. Costner says his stature, not his politics, kept Robert DeNiro from wanting to work with him, regardless of the story DeNiro tells.

“He was embarrassed when we filmed ‘Untouchables,'” said Costner, “He wore platform shoes so high he could barely walk. He told me at the end of production that he wouldn’t work with me anymore because I supported George H.W. Bush. I knew the real reason. He prefers smaller co-stars like Pacino, Pesci, and Stiller.”

Costner said he was ousted from several roles because “big shot” DeNiro was in the cast. “He really has a serious hangup about the height thing.”

DeNiro recently made a fool of himself at The Gotham Awards with a rant about Trump that came off okay, but lost all its credibility because of the size of the podium.

“The podium was huge,” said showrunner Joe Barron, “it made DeNiro look like a midget.” Barron was immediately reprimanded for his language, which was offensive toward little people.”

“You’re allowed to call us dwarfs,” said Peter Dinklage, “Just don’t hire us for movies about us.” Nobody knows why Dinklage was contacted or what the hell he’s talking about.

Jim Caviezel was too busy believing he’s the messiah to comment, but he also refuses to work with Robert DeNiro. So does Mel Gibson. Tomorrow we add Jon Voight. It’s a shame nobody cares about Chachi and the Hercules Guy. God Bless America.


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