Anheuser-Busch may be reeling from its marketing mishap, but the same can’t be said for Kid Rock. According to his publicist, the beer’s misfortune is worth a mountain of money to him.

“Kid has grossed about $30 million so far,” said Publicist Joe Barron, “and that number will likely double over the next few months.”

In an interview with the president of his Facebook Fan Club, Larry Lubiner, Kid Rock says shooting those cans was “the greatest moment of his career.” He fired about 30 rounds at three cases of beer while a friend added some shotgun shelling for effect. Together they scored an impressive 38 percent accuracy on the two cases they managed to hit.

Since that magical moment, Kid Rock’s stock has been on the rise. First, he signed with Pabst to provide all the suds for his “No Snowflakes” tour for more than $120 million and then he signed with American Patriot beer for an undisclosed amount because I haven’t read that one yet.

As all of this good stuff happens to Kid Rock, the opposite keeps happening to Bud Light. One would think that after conservatives canceled them in 2017 that they would have learned a lesson.

Alas, no. The company is headed for sure disaster while Kid Rock is a superstar. God Bless America.


  1. CycloneSteve

    I read that Bud Light sponsors a darts tournament in Texas. Over 100+ players plus fans and family.

    The venue sold four 12 oz bottles of Bud Light. About 500 less than normal.




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