Anheuser Busch says its legal department is looking into filing defamation suits against Kid Rock for destroying its Bud Light brand reputation with a single video.

ABInbev, the parent company, says it will leave the decision on how to proceed to the Vice President of Bud Light, Joe Barron. Barron has already fired his entire marketing team over the fiasco and may be looking to restructure the beer’s entire advertising strategy.

In the meantime, legal wants Kid Rock to stop his assault on Bud Light and issue a formal apology, which he says will never happen. “They can toss me in jail first.” The upcoming battle will likely play out for months and hopefully, keep Kid Rock relevant enough to sell some more tickets to his cool new show.

“It’s possible we may resurrect a cartoon version of Spuds McKenzie,” said Barron, “but then we have to get over the sad reality that Spuds was a girl pretending to be a boy. We think enough time has passed and the frogs all died, so that’s likely our direction.”

The Budweiser frogs never technically promoted Bud Light, but there were some crossover commercials during super bowls that always accomplished one singular purpose: Appeal to young men. God Bless America.


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