White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre may have made a career-ending mistake when she let loose the truth of why President Joe Biden isn’t planning on visiting Maui after the devastating fires destroyed an entire town and killed nearly a hundred people.

After the typical rhetoric about how much money they’ve spent on FEMA and how supplies were flowing immediately, KJP took questions from reporters. She probably wishes she didn’t.

Telemundo’s Joseph Barron asked the secretary why the president hasn’t been there yet. Her reply stunned the entire room.

“It’s not a swing state,” was the soundbite that mattered. As soon as she said it the room went silent. KJP quickly tried to change the subject, then ended the press conference early. Just another day in Biden’s America.

ALLOD White House Correspondent Tara Newhole says there’s more to Jean-Pierre’s statement, but that it won’t get much play. “She said the words,” said Newhole, “and we all know context doesn’t matter.

Newhole reports that KJP’s entire statement included a realistic explanation including the logistics of flying a 747 and requiring the entire island to lose resources to a presidential visit that won’t accomplish anything but a photo op. “That’s more a Trump thing,” she told the reporters, “President Biden doesn’t campaign on tragedy, and Hawaii isn’t a swing state.”

Yup. There you have it, she said it. Sarcasm be damned or whatever, the words came out of her mouth. Now that it’s on the internet, it’s written in ink. God Bless America.


  1. gls

    nothing funny about this, even to taunt the taters.

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