Producers of ABC’s The View announced that the show will give Kyle Rittenhouse “equal time” in an interview about his famous self-defense case. The show will have a guest interview the young man while Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar will be forced to sit in silence.

The show says it’s considering asking Elizabeth Hasselbeck to come back for the show, but sources can’t confirm or deny that. Other possible hosts to help make Kyle feel more comfortable include Jon Voight, Scott Baio, and Tomi Lahren.

Rittenhouse will appear with his attorney, Joseph Barron ESQ, just to be sure there’s no funny business. There will also be a full spread of deer jerky, Diet Mountain Dew, and various hard candies in a small bowl. They plan to offer him coffee, tea, or hot cocoa if he’s unhappy with the soft drinks.

Whoopi and Joy both say they refuse to participate, even if he speaks to them directly. “I just won’t make eye contact with the little murderer,” said Goldberg, “he makes me want to puke.” There’s no word on whether or not Goldberg’s latest statement may constitute grounds for another $22 million.

The interview is scheduled for sometime later this year. ABC expects the show to get great ratings. “Simps eat this stuff up.”

God bless America.


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