Steven Spielberg doesn’t mess around with his cinematic experiments.  He isn’t really known for doing very many sequels to his films, and is dead serious about keeping his legacy competent.  Except for Batteries Not Included, Hook, and Ready Player One.

He’s announced that coming next year are the further adventures of “Celie”, the lead character from his 1985 masterpiece “The Color Purple”, played by master actress Whoopi Goldberg.  Goldberg won the “Best Actress” award for her portrayal.

This time, however, with “The Color Lavender”, a sequel which takes place just after the original, the director won’t be going with her at all in the movie, citing her changed attitudes and notorious difficulty to work with.

“Whoopi is…kind of trashy now,” he told Variety magazine last weekend in an exclusive interview with entertainment journalist Joe Barron.  “She’s completely nutty and hard to get along with.  So no, I’ve replaced her.”

The part of “Celie” in the continuing tale will be taken over by Scandal’s own Kerry Washington, who is very excited to tackle the story of the woman who is discriminated against for her entire life.

“America is just chock full of racism.  I know.  I’m black.  I’m discriminated against on a daily basis.  The only advantage I have is my great boobs.  Soft, luxurious, and yet supple.  Yum.”

Lavender will make it’s debut in July of 2024 at the Apollo theater in New York City.  Complimentary CRT Classes will take place afterwards.


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