There’s an old saying, sometimes attributed to the ancient Chinese : “Be careful what you wish for.”

Or it may have been Melania Trump wishing for a genie to take away all her cosmetic surgery.

That just may be the sentiment in the office of the governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis today, after a resident of the alligator state filed over 31 lawsuits against social media giant Facebook for removing more than a dozen posts praising the leadership of President Joe Biden, and humiliating the mentally handicapped respondents who believe the 2020 election was “rigged.”

DeSantis signed the law, allowing private citizens in Florida to file suit against social media networks if they feel their freedom of speech under the first amendment had been violated by removal or censorship.  Critics rightly muse that the law is : “About as unconstitutional as f*ck”, and will be thrown out in record time.

Legal expert Joe Barron told the Fort Lauderdale Senior Queef Weekly that the law amounted to simple pandering to trumptards and is patently ridiculous.

“See, Facebook and Twitter are privately owned companies, and can set any rules they want for their platforms.  Every user signed an agreement to use THEIR software for free.  You can’t sue Facebook for butthurt.  It’s legally laughable.”

“Two interesting facts that point to DeSantis simply tonguing tardballs with this law, are that one, a similar law has been tried before, and shot down by the Supreme Court faster than Sarah Huckabee getting thrown out of a modelling studio.  And two, the governor exempted Disney from this law.  You know, the corporation that owns half of Florida.  Gee, I wonder why?”

Disney responded to the suit by blowing up Space Mountain because why not, it’ll just come out of petty cash.

John Guluv, the man filing the suit, admitted he’s doing it just to trigger DeSantis and the Trump cult, and to completely humiliate the governor when the idiotic law is overturned.

“Among the millions of things that trumptards and teabaggers pretend they’re experts in and know absolutely nothing about, are the constitution, and the law,” he says.  “It’s time to make them publicly embarrassed for at least a few years.”

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