The Democrats tried and failed to overturn the will of 63 million American voters in Donald Trump’s first term as President. Sources from inside of the House of Representatives now are saying that the Democrats already have put impeachment on their agenda as the first, and only, thing they plan on doing once the all of the new Representatives are sworn in come January 3rd.

On the condition of anonymity, assistant to Congresswoman Tlaib, Harold Balsac, spoke with reporter Joe Barron of the America’s Last Line of Defense network and explained that the do-nothing Democrats will be even worse during the new session of Congress if they hold the majority and how they were able to sneak this right under the noses of the unsuspecting American People.

“Every single Democrat in the House of Representatives and all Democratic House Candidates met at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Duluth, MN. They agreed that no matter who was elected that they would back Pelosi and the Squad, not that any of them will be reelected, and would work only toward impeaching the to-be twice duly elected President of the United States. It was a single page agenda for the entire session. It read simply ‘Remove the President from office.’ When they fail at that, they will likely adjourn for the remainder of their term.

George Soros and Barack Obama were lurking in the shadows with Hillary’s Suicide Squad to make sure that everyone was kept in line and would follow their marching orders. Look, no one can know that it was me that talked to you. They don’t call her Killary for nothing.” Mr. Balsac said.

The Democrats tried to hide their true intentions by acting like they were working for the American people before the went with their failed impeachment, which was based on lies. Now they aren’t even going through the pretense of doing their jobs. The only way to stop them is to vote for Republican representatives as many times as you possibly can, for America and our Great President.

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