LeBron James settled out of court with Kyle Rittenhouse for $40 million and a sincere apology. Now, the NBA star is reportedly selling off his share of the Cleveland Cavaliers, his hometown team and one of his proudest investments, to pay the bill. His publicist, Sandy Batt, says the choice was obvious.

“LeBron wasn’t going to sell his houses, boats, cars, or the show factory in Taiwan. The Cavs was the easiest sell, and the quickest turnaround,” Batt said, “It was a no-brainer.” Lames has until close of business on Monday to make the transfer.

This Lebron fan says he won’t wear his jersey anymore because of what Disney and Nike have done.

James had no issues dumping his share of Cavaliers stock. The new owner of 49 percent of the team, former Celtics Coach Joe Barron, says now that the team isn’t “LeBron’s” team, he can restructure and teach some real ball handling. Wilt Chamberlain says he’s signing on for the cheerleaders.

God bless America.

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