“It’s your own fault, Becky.” That was the message Roseanne had for Lecy Goransen when she married Mark in the original series. Poor Becky had to go it alone.

History is repeating itself. Goransen, who came back to the show and betrayed Roseanne to keep her spot on “The Conners,” is now out of work. After a Los Angeles jury gave Roseanne control of the show, she canceled it and fired everyone.

Now, Becky says she can’t find work anywhere. “I can’t even do like…supermarket openings,” said the actress, “she had me blackballed.”

Roseanne confirmed that she removed her endorsement of Goransen and the rest of the cast from Hollywood’s official LinkedIn account, which, right now, means they’ll spend the rest of the season in limbo.

At some point, they may be able to work again, but under current union rules, she has no choice but to sit out, probably until 2024. When your career is supermarket openings, that’s a long time.

Our entertainment analyst, Art Tubolls, says he can’t find any precedent for the rule and he seemed a bit confused but offered his thoughts and prayers to Goransen and her career.

As for Roseanne, she’s moving forward with numerous projects, depending on which one of our pages you’re currently tatering at. God Bless America.



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