As the new swimming season approaches, former NCAA star Riley Gaines wants to make sure the entire nation knows exactly why she fights so hard for women’s rights. She invited her nemesis, transgender swimmer Lia Thomas, to a civilized debate mediated by a neutral party to discuss both sides of this hot-button issue.

Thomas declined the invite, citing “scheduling conflicts.” When Gaines said she would re-schedule, Thomas responded with, “My schedule will never have you on it, Riley.”

What is she so afraid of? We had ALLOD Sportsball Analyzer Tara Newhole sit down with Thomas for a few minutes to ask her why she declined such an obvious opportunity to tell her side of the story.

“You don’t understand,” said Thomas, “Riley had no problem with me until a year later when she was suddenly calling me a he and crying about tying for 5th in a race. Now she’s using my win against Emma Weyent, who went on to join the USWNT and doesn’t spend all day complaining about it like it’s her job, as ‘proof’ that ‘biological men’ are taking over women’s sports.”

Thomas’ story seemed a bit one-sided, so Newhole asked why she doesn’t go live and tell people about it. “Riley booked the debate on the Candace Owens show, with an audience full of right-wingers looking to boo and scowl and make me show my ‘wingspan,'” said Thomas, “I have no intention of being their little show and tell piece for their next cult rally.”

She says if she could say one thing to Riley Gaines, it would be simple: “Get over it. Move on like everyone else. It’s been two years. Go to dental school. Get a job. Just leave me out of your problems.”

Seems reasonable enough. Maybe they can agree to meet in the middle somewhere. Riley seems like a level-headed person. God Bless America.


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