Tucker Carlson of Fox News had documents that were damning to Joe Biden’s campaign, and now they are missing. He had them shipped from New York City to Los Angeles where he was on an important interview with Bobulinski, who can stop Biden from becoming president. 

The interview, along with the documents, could have brought down Biden’s candidacy days before the election.

Tucker came across the documents earlier in the week and as soon as he was ready to president them to the world, they vanished. Gone. Disappeared into thin air without a trace.

He was informed of this just before his show started, by the shipping company who said the package containing the documents was opened.  Opened somewhere in transit. The liberals knew what he had, and they weren’t about to let it get out. The documents were stolen and it was an inside job.

The package of documents was shipped from Fox News’ headquarters in New York City and were tracked the entire way. The only thing that makes sense here is that the liberals knew what was being shipped and had people on the inside of the shipping company that could and would have stolen the said documents.

Tucker and his associates never made copies of the documents, because the shipping company was run by Trump loyalists. Or so he thought.

One thought could be to check Rudy Giuliani’s underwear, as he’s constantly reaching in them to get something or trying to show someone his old wrinkly balls. 

That’s a possibility to look into. Maybe a liberal email server deleted them, as they did Hillary’s emails or Barack Obama’s birth certificate. The possibilities of where these damning documents could have gone are endless.

No cameras picked anything up and the package was tracked, so maybe it was a rogue truck driver or airline pilot stopped and took them to save Biden. We all know truckers are nothing but a bunch of liberal lefties.

This is most certainly a mystery, but people like Congressman Joe Barron of New Jersey are convinced that someone on the inside took them.

“Surely they were stolen! Or they just never existed, it’s not like Carlson has ever lied before” he said rolling his eyes.

Using the dog ate my homework trick worked before, right?  The real mystery is how anyone can watch the Tucker shitshow night after night and think they’ve learned anything.

Tucker sucks, and if you’re watching him, you’re an idiot. God bless America!

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    god bless tucker SOAB carlson!

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