Liberal trolls are showing up at Trump rallies, stores, and other spaces that are usually reserved for Trump supporters and other conservatives. They are pretending to be fellow Trump supporters, even wearing clothing or stickers on their pick up trucks signaling other Trump supporters that they are indeed, one of them. After they gain their trust, these liberal trolls bounce into action, and Trump supporters get terrorized by these trolls.

Unsuspecting patriotic Trump supporters, unaware that they were being set up by these evil anti-Trump trolls, were led into answering questions and saying things that they otherwise would never have said or answered.

Everyone knows people who support our President, Donald J Trump are the most caring, patriotic, America loving citizens in this great country. And these liberal trolls are trying to make them, and by proxy, our president look bad. It’s unfair and should be illegal.

These liberal trolls have a network they work from and our reporter, Joseph Barron, was able to get inside and see the inner workings of the organization.

“It’s not really complex at all,” Barron said, adding that it’s fairly simple to invade these gatherings of Trump supporters. He recently went on a “mission” with these trolls and saw how they managed to not only infiltrate the gatherings but also embarrass them.

“Saying something somewhat racist or incoherent is usually a quick in, and they’re welcomed with open arms.”

Barron quipped on how the trolls would wear clothing that made fun of Trump and his supporters but they were welcomed nonetheless, as Trump supporters are pretty stupid.

They had shirts made, websites, pages, and articles all to make them look like they were conservatives, and even though it was pretty obvious that it was all a ruse, they didn’t care or seem to notice. They were excited that anyone could do the mental gymnastics they do to continue to support the man who was literally leading their nation into ruin.

Even apparel that said, “I’m ready to die for Trump’s economy” didn’t deter these ardent Trump supporters.

They have given so much to their cause, like common sense, rational, and even family to be able to wear a red hat made in China to show their love for an American President who’s been selling them down the river.

Their love for Trump knows no bounds, and a few liberal trolls and common sense aren’t going to deter them one bit. They’ll proudly take hit after hit saying they’re “owning the libs!” 

It’s an amazing show of unrequited love and irrational fears of Antifa and liberals.  They think they know what’s best for America, even while being intubated after refusing to wear a mask because Trump said not to. They certainly love Trump’s America.

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