Longtime talk radio host Rush Limbaugh has been on the air for longer than Nickleback has been alive.

Whether this statement is true or not doesn’t matter so much, since after receiving a medal of freedom from President Trump and happily announcing his fifth marriage to a dayglo green beanbag chair, the orator may have gone too far with his “shock jock” tactics by yelling at a caller on the air who was relating a tale about his time in the Army during the Vietnam war.

“I learned everything I need to know about the Vietnam War from watching Hogan’s Heroes and MASH.”

The caller, Barry Felchingham, sounded shocked and dismayed as the portly pontificator laid into him for three minutes before finally cutting away to a commercial for some sort of anal cream.  Below, a portion of the outburst :

Felchingham: “I just think President Trump could do a little more to do with helping to fix the V.A.”

Limbaugh: “Why?  Wait, you do know that the VA is a socialist system of health care, right?  Right?  I mean, why are we still paying for you people…when you know, you’re the idiots who lost the war.  Right?  You whined and complained for years, years!  Well frankly, we the American people are sick of it, and maybe if you’d have done a better job in those rice patties, we’d care.  Trump has far more important people to help.  He helps winners.  Like himself!”

Limbaugh’s broadcaster, the EIB network was flush with calls after the show, with just as many Trumpers calling in to support the host’s anti-military stance as those who wanted him fired.

But that is how it goes with the Trump crowd nowadays, and how it has always gone with their ilk: They’ll gladly have mercenaries assassinate their mothers if it means toe-ing the party line.  Or listening to three hours of hate and ignorance on their way to pick up their social security checks at the bank in the morning.


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