Liz Cheney lost her spot in Congress, but she may have gained a spot on the Left’s daytime playland, “The View.” Producers reached out to Cheney this morning, according to a source close to this story, and offered the soon-to-be former congresswoman an open invitation to negotiate a contract worth millions.

Cheney, who is currently embroiled in the January 6 witch hunt to take down former President Donald Trump, lost her seat to Harriet Hageman. The newcomer to Congress promises to lift the trump agenda to its former glory and will use the state of Wyoming’s single seat in the House to make sure her state sends electors to the next January 6 that would “avoid any of the problems we’re seeing.”

Cheney’s spot on the show isn’t guaranteed, as there are several other influential people vying for the chair. Megan Rapinoe and Lia Thompson and every other woman conservatives don’t like are sure to get an interview, as this seems to be the only topic boomers like to share.

Who will end up there? It won’t be a conservative, that’s for sure. They’ve been beating them up on that show since Barbra Walters publicly kicked Nancy Reagan around for giving the best hummer in Hollywood.

They truly have no class.


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