Some consider Donald Trump to be the most empathetic and environmentally challenged President since the great “Rough Rider” Teddy Roosevelt. Always looking out for the little man, and woman, and forever wanting a clean planet for his grand-children, President Trump is pushing back on the Saudi Arabian Princess Jasmin to lower oil prices and reduce production.

She agreed to do that today in an unprecedented move and according to energy experts,  gasoline prices will be about $1 to $1.50 lower per gallon just in time for Spring Break. The kids will love it. That means more money in their pockets for beer, pot, and condoms.

Of course the Democrats will complain that the only reason Mr. Trump is even bothering acting Presidential, which he always is, is to pander to the new crop of young voters who will be voting for their first time, probably for Communist Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

White House spokesperson Trish Blake said tonight that:

“This is something we have discussed since Day 1 of the Presidency. Mr. Trump is extremely concerned about oil and gas reserves and that we have plenty of fossil fuels available for Centuries to come. He’s opened up drilling in some of these National Parks which are owned by the people to help the people and that is a good thing.”

Former Oklahoma Governor now Energy Czar Luke Perry also applauded the president, saying:

”It’s amazing how the President prepares for these crises. It’s almost like he knows what is happening before it actually does. I pushed for this when I was in Oklahoma City, but Obama blocked at every turn. It takes a helluva man like Trump to pull this off let me tell you.”

No matter what happens with oil and gas and President Trump is high on gas, he’s always looking out for Americans even over his own interests.


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