The most prestigious award in the world of professional journalism is the Edward R. Murrow Statue of Excellence.  Named after the legendary newsman and presented once every five years to news and fact-finding investigators that constitute the best, brightest, and most honest, the “Eddies” are sought after and highly prized by anyone in the business.  This week, in Los Angeles, California, MSNBC’s intrepid and highest-rated reporting personality Rachel Maddow took home the honor, beating out Fox News rival Tucker Carlson by over eighty percent of all votes.

Although a good 17% were write-in ballots for “Baba Booey.”

Many in conservative circles had considered Carlson a shoo-in for the award since his highly-rated nightly program consistently pulls in the majority of viewers from the ninety to one-hundred white male age group, but as that group, and Fox’s elderly viewership in general, becomes more and more sidelined and ignored by normal people who see Tucker as the pandering racist phony that he is, Maddow has emerged defiant as a real voice in news.

Joe Barron of the Journalism And Gatekeeping Organization For Freedom says that it was really a contest between a legitimate journalist and a propaganda pitchman.   He and J.A.G.O.F.F. didn’t need much deliberation.

“I don’t know what exactly Tucker Carlson is supposed to be.  Fox already has it’s share of Trump ballswallowers like Hannitty and Ingrahm who just shout out easily disproven falsehoods and garbage to scare seniors and make them feel good about standing behind a morbidly obese joke of a President.  He’s less a ‘journalist’ than Scott Baio is a superstar.  He’s the equivalent of grandpa Shitforbrains down the street at the hoarder house shouting out his door that George Soros stole his dentures.  He’s That, that someone put on YouTube.”

Many professionals have agreed that they get better information from Highlights Magazine than Tucker. That horse-thing is pretty hardcore though.

Maddow appeared at the star-studded ceremony personally to accept the honor from presenter Jim Acosta of CNN.  It seems like Mr. Carlson just can’t compete with the Real News.

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