They’re beginning to pop up all over the internet and on social media pages like Facebook, MySpace and GeoCities : entire sites dedicated to sharing and shaming the faces of any Americans caught in public without a mask.  The candid shots are then excoriated, with commenters calling the victims names and trying to find their places of employment to report them for their ignorance.  Are you a “Maskhole”?

Things I don’t like – male masseuses, John Legend’s cheeks, and pinheads spitting chewin’ tobaccy in the Circle K.

Joe Barron is.  The 51-year old veteran in Hookerspit, Texas was minding his own patriotic business shopping for humping pillows at his local Wal-Mart when he says he turned and saw a young woman in her twenties with Biden 2020 T-shirt take his picture.  She asked him why he wasn’t wearing a mask.  He launched into his vast knowledge of the Covid pandemic that he’d gained from his trumptrded friends online, and the woman laughed and vanished.

The next day, Barron’s face was on a Facebook page called “Shitbags Without Masks”, promptly displayed, with a caption reading : “ANOTHER TEXAS TWATLICK THINKS HE’S PROFESSOR PANDEMIC.”  Underneath was the phone number for his foreman at the local petroleum jelly plant where he works as a lubervisor.

“These pages are just a way for angry liberal tatteltales to get attention”, remarked John Guluv, a Fox News Hannity fluffer and anti-mask douchetard.  “Its been reiterated over and over that anyone has the right to not wear a mask and put everyone else’s life in danger.  We don’t need to bow to science or reason or governors.   We only bow to the cross and the glory hole.”

“Sometimes I for make bow if man is Russian and throw rubles for tip on floor.”

“Maskhole” shaming has just begun, and has so far affected nearly 30,000 people.  Some have even been hit with fines for violating local crisis ordinances.  Is embarrassing the dimwitted anti-science conspiracy theory morons enough to maybe get them to think of their fellow Americans?  Or are their own trumpfections mentally fatal?

(Concept by Matt Schreiber)


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