District Attorney Joe Barron of Batt County, Arkansas was prepared to file charges against Hillary Clinton in 1994. He allegedly had proof of her involvement in the death of fellow Whitewater scandalist, Vince Foster. Barron went as far as to file the paperwork to organize a grand jury.

Unfortunately, it never got that far. Barron dropped the case for “insufficient evidence” after requests to exhume Foster were denied and all other evidence deemed fruit of the poisonous tree. Barron was asked to resign and, according to those who knew him, moved to Kendallville, Indiana to live out his life in a poverty-stricken hellscape of mediocrity.

Barron left no family behind, so nobody was looking for him. Public records show he still had utilities until about a year ago, but that turned out to be a case of identity theft. Barron spent some time in a mobile home with a girl named Destiny, who gave her deadbeat father his info so he could skip out on a round of bills.

Barron moved on from there and was never heard from again. Because there was no search, nobody but Destiny knew, but she wasn’t gonna ruin her dad’s fresh new identity or he might “come looking to move in with her.”

When authorities discovered Barron’s remains in a shallow grave in 1997, they put 2 and 2 together. The FBI came to investigate and ruled Barron’s death a suicide. They say he buried himself most of the way, leaving just his face exposed, and let nature do the rest.

That seems as unlikely as Foster putting two bullets in the back of his own head, but okay. The FBI says it has no reason to reopen Barron’s case and denied ALLOD access to any files pertaining to Hillary Clinton. We’ve filed a FOIA appeal with the 65th District FOIA Court of appeals.

God bless America.


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