Megan Rapinoe won’t be kneeling on any more soccer fields. The brutish beast apparently attacked one of her fellow players during practice after she asked the superstar to please not wear a pride flag “as a cape.” Rapinoe flew off the handle into a completely unwarranted rage and broke the young newcomer’s nose.

Rapinoe’s victim, Sandy Batt, is a superstar in her own right, coming from humble beginnings and making her way to the big time. Now, it looked like her career was over. Rapinoe may not be liked by many people, but she is the best player in the world.

That’s not how it happened, though. The team rallied around young Sandy and held a vote to boot Rapinoe from their ranks. New team captain Josephine Barron says they’re willing to work a little harder to replace her than they were to tolerate her growing anger.

Rapinoe is now likely going to go back home and run for Congress, where she’ll join AOC and the band of Leftist Loonies trying to do things like “protect women’s rights, battle climate change, and fight for the safety of children in schools.”

Good luck with that. Nobody I know will vote for her, therefore, she’ll probably lose anyway.

God bless America.



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