Megan Rapinoie ended her career with a series of blunders. After kneeling for the National Anthem and missing an easy goal on an open net at The World Cup, Rapinoe lost her endorsements and a lucrative post-retirement career in broadcasting.

Now, the former star can’t find anyone to hire her. “I have to go into federal bankruptcy protection,” she told her friend Joanne at last week’s mahjong meet, “I’m gonna have to sell my house.”

This seems to be an edition of “you reap what you sow,” otherwise known as “go woke go broke.” Rapinoe has lost everything and will likely be a renter by the middle of next week.

“I’m hoping to get in with a nice discount furniture chain or maybe a car dealership,” she said, “But even then I won’t make enough to keep living in California.”

That’s what she gets for moving to America’s communist state on the West Coast. In case you’ve missed it, there’s a guy with a bushy beard and no shirt who poops on the sidewalk everywhere, especially in San Fransisco. There’s no way to know how he moves from place to place, unfortunately, but the entire place smells like feces because of him.

Also, Philadelphia. People do drugs on the streets. And in deep-blue Massachusetts, there’s actually a law against police killing citizens indiscriminately. They can be sued and everything.

Rapinoe might just find out what it’s like to shack up in a homeless encampment next to the poo guy. God Bless America.


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