Merrick Garland has given up trying to cover for Obama. According to sources inside the DOJ, Garland says he has “no choice” but to investigate the former president for the consulting fee scandal.

it was revealed that Obama billed the West Wing nearly $120 million for “consulting” in 2021, and that the bill was happily paid out of the US Treasury. Why do we have to pay for Joe Biden’s incompetence? Why are we supposed to foot the bill to have someone with experience who isn’t on the edge of dementia in an office he doesn’t have any right to be in?

Garland told his staff that he agrees with that assessment, according to Julie Hornswaffleman, one of the wait staff in the Executive Dining Room:

“He said he doesn’t see any reason someone should be paid that much without Congress OKing it. And something about not liking flavored cream cheese.”

Garland’s team confirmed that they’re looking into all crime and that if there’s something there, they’ll do their best to find it. “It’s more than likely just an internet rumor,” said lead investigator Joe Barron, “it sounds fairly untrue and not really plausible.”

There’s no way to know for sure, patriots, so we’ll probably want to just believe it’s true and err on the side of caution. Especially since we all hope and/or pray it’s true.

Only time, and possibly clicking “about,” will tell. God bless America.


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