Actor, activist, Canadian.  Micheal J. Fox was beloved by all, and a soul desperately in need of confirmation.

He passed into the great unknown this morning at his house in Queefsburgh, Pennsylvania at the age of 62.

Some years ago, Fox gained his dual American-Canaduan citizenship, just after starring in the motion picture Extraction with friend and cohort that guy who played Thor.  He was a nameless gunman who was mowed down in the jungle.

Not much is known about the amateur actor who shared his name with Back to the Future star Micheal J. Fox, except that both were Canadian at birth.  The one who died was actually black, and sported the interesting perk of a third nipple.

Oh, you thought we meant the other Micheal J. Fox.  No, no, he’s perfectly fine.  He and his wife are currently making love on a vibrating bed.  Wait, no, it’s a regular bed.  But, you know, it just kind of looks like – nevermind.

At any rate, the corpsified Micheal attended the Juliart school of acting at age 17, and went on to bit roles in some of Hillywood’s finest movies, including Sister Act as a Catholic bishop, and Return of the Jedi, as a stand in for R2D2.

Whatever the case, he will be sorely missed.  His giant activist voice in the field of saving the endangered J. Barron moth was world changing.  Farewell, funnyman.


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