Michelle Obama and her husband Barack are music fans. They love it. Except for country music, apparently drives them around the bend. They were recently interviewed and asked what concerts they would see after the crisis was over.

They both said the obvious. Jay-Z. Beyoncé. Maybe one of The Who’s 427 farewell tours. When the interviewer, Joe Barron asked if they’d take in a few country shows, seeing as how Mr. Barron is a huge country music fan, Barack Obama said: “not really a fan.”

Michelle Obama snorted and said, “not over my dead body.”

When the shocked interviewer asked why, she went into a long diatribe of how much she disliked the true American form of music, much of it shrouded in patriotic themes and Americana.

She said, “there’s never been an art form so intellectually devoid, ever.”

I mean, who doesn’t like country music?

She went on to state that maybe if she grew up in a trailer while dating her daddy’s brother and was a lady trucker, maybe then could she stomach such untalented garbage. But since she didn’t spit chewing tobacco and fly a rebel flag on her lifted pick up, there’s no way she could ever be a fan of such junk.

Wow, just wow.

Country music is ingrained in American culture.  The simplistic rhythm with twangy vocals that are like nails on a chalkboard to get even the most unrefined people to tap their toes in their ripped socks and dirty denim jeans, the type of music you’d have a relationship with your siblings to.

How dare Michelle Obama, or anyone else denigrate music for morons? And denigrate, for you country fans, means to make fun of.

When asked about Barack’s musical tastes, he responded with “I love R&B, Motown, classic rock like Rush, and hip hop.”

He didn’t share the vitriol about country music that Michelle did, but he certainly doesn’t understand the appeal of such American hero music. After all, he did say he liked Rush, who are Canadian and not even American.


  1. 2WarAbnVet

    Fortunately, I don’t rely on “Mooch” to determine my taste in music … or anything else!

    • John

      This is a satire website mocking conservatives



  2. John Sweet

    Both these people are nothing but steaming lying pos.

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